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Wow!!! What a Sunday! I knew I had missed everyone while on vacation with my family; however, I didn’t realize how much until I was back with everyone today. This morning was special as it is every Sunday, but sharing in the Lord’s Table together touches me beyond words. To be invited by God to eat of the broken bread and drink of the cup of salvation reaches to the depths of my soul. But I know when I come to the table I am not alone. I meet God there along with my family of faith at Bremen FPC. We come to the table, broken, sinful, and hurting people desperate for nourishment only God can provide. The day doesn’t stop there. Following worship, we break bread together and shared a meal of food that was home grown and cooked by our members.

Sitting around a table, fellowshipping and eating a meal together provided such a great way to enjoy our family of believers. Following this wonderful time of worship and lunch, we head to enjoy more time together at the Rome Braves game. This day can be summed up for me in one word- FAMILY. Our family of faith gathered together in multiple context today. One of the many reasons I have loved this church since I first preached here last year, was the warmth that everyone gives to one another. We are joined together with the common denominator- Jesus. WE love Jesus. WE love like Jesus. WE serve Jesus. WE worship Jesus. WE live for Jesus. We seek Jesus. We are the hands and feet of Jesus. We welcome ALL like Jesus did. What does a FAMILY of faith look like to you?


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